Spring cleaning: how to clean your curtains

Get ready for Spring!

With the lovely weather of late, spring is undeniably here – for us, that means spring cleaning! One thing that can be tricky, or is often over looked during spring cleaning is curtains. Curtains can be a bit of a chore, as they are cumbersome and require special handling. However, it isn’t a regular chore, and knowing a few short cuts can really make the whole thing much more bearable!

spring clean curtains

Washing Curtains

Firstly, if your curtains say dry clean only, you must pay attention to this!

Remove all hardware from your curtains and loosen the strings before washing. When washing curtains, be sure to check the care label first. If you’re in doubt, try spot testing a small corner with a mixture of water and detergent.

Most washable curtains will need to be washed in cold water; if your machine has a delicate cycle, use it – if not, use a cool was with a slow spin. You can use your normal detergent, but just a small amount.

Delicate lace and sheer curtains may benefit from being hand washed or machine washed inside a mesh bag. In a pinch, wash delicate curtains inside an old pillowcase that is secured shut.

Drying Curtains

We highly recommend drying curtains naturally. Hang them outside away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching and in a breezy place if possible. Letting curtains dry naturally in a hanging position allows the creases to fall out.

Otherwise, using the low setting on a tumble dryer will work for washable curtains. Remove the curtains from the dryer before they are completely dry. Over drying will set wrinkles so remove them from the tumble dryer while they are still a little damp. This will make ironing curtains a breeze.

Press and Replace

A quick ironing on a low heat is all that is needed. Replace your curtain hardware, and rehang your curtains.

How to make the whole process easier

Try to reduce the absorption of smells. When cooking, keep the kitchen door closed.

Vacuum your curtains regularly with a soft brush attachment to remove everyday dust and dirt and prevent stains from becoming ground into the material. For light weight curtains, an occasional shaking is sufficient to protect delicate fabric and more practical.

If bad smells are continuing to be a problem, give your curtains a good airing every so often. Take them down off the rail and hang them in the breeze for an hour or two to freshen them up.

We hope that was informative and helpful. If the whole process of curtain cleaning still seems like too much fuss, let us take care of them!

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