Bed linen – how often should you wash?

How often do you change your bed linen?

Most people would settle for a regular weekly stripping of the bed and crisp, new bed linen for the week ahead. Sadly with the current pace of life, it is usually a matter of how much time you have, especially when you have work commitments, or the family’s social events to sort out. It’s not just the sheets and pillowcases that need to be cleaned; there are duvets and pillows, quilt covers and bedspreads too.

Generally, bed sheets should be washed at least every other week. If you sweat at night, wash your bed sheets weekly. You only really need to clean pillows and duvets 2 or 3 times a year (when the seasons change) but this is a pretty big job in itself. Most can be put in the washing machine (feather and down may need to be dry cleaned) but they need a lot of special care. Also, has anyone ever spent an age trying to shove a duvet into a washing machine?!

A visit from the mother-in-law might motivate you into frantic cleaning mode and who wants that kind of scrutiny? That’s where Iron Maids can help. Iron Maids will collect and deliver your bed linen, doing our best to fit around your schedule. Duvets can be washed, or Iron Maids will dry clean any items that need special attention. What about the bedroom curtains: these are often neglected, but you’d be surprised what a difference a clean pair of curtains makes to a guest bedroom, or any bedroom!

Don’t forget the hand towels and bath towels, especially if you’re having visitors. Iron Maids can do all of these items, whether you’re having a one off sort out, or it’s just part of your weekly routine. Having expanded our collection and delivery area this year we are certainly more accessible, so give us a ring on either 01622 870111 or 01233 779009.

Don’t forget, Iron Maids will also see to your repairs too!

For full details of our prices for washing, ironing and dry cleaning, check out our website where you can now make an online booking for collection.

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